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Our lenders are not your typical community bank lenders.

Here at Carolina Coach & Marine, we treat our customers like family, and pride ourselves in looking after each and every one of our customer’s needs, including financial assistance for purchasing the boat or RV of your dreams.  Whether you have great credit or credit concerns, we evaluate your individual needs and work with the best lenders in our industry to find financing at the best possible interest rates and most favorable terms (funding currently available up to 20 years).  We are always responsible stewards of your hard earned money and take our responsibility very serious.

Our lenders are not your typical community bank lenders.  Our lenders specialize in funding customers purchasing recreational vehicles, boats and RVs. They are not generalists but rather specialists in providing funding at favorable rates for our industry.  It’s my job to work with them hand in hand to find you the best deal, period!  Loans through the lenders I work with are simple interest loans with no penalties for early payoffs!

Credit not the best?  Not to worry.  Not everyone has perfect credit and our lenders understand that and will fund many situations that ordinary banks simply cannot.  Many good, wonderful people have suffered through a variety of challenges over the past four or five years and certainly deserve a break, particularly when they are striving to improve the quality of living for themselves and their loved ones.  It’s my job to help you!  Incidentally, Carolina Coach has also partnered with several credit unions who fund credit worthy customers as well.  All I ask is that you give me the opportunity to help you!


If you would like to be pre-approved for purchasing a boat or RV, fill out our DealerTrack confidential online credit application, “send” and I will review and contact you voice to voice and discuss your approval and other details concerning a purchase.

Why wait? Call me today at 800-305-9045. I look forward to hearing from you and most of all, to you becoming part of our Carolina Coach & Marine family.

Mike Propst, Business Manager
800-305-9045 (x221) direct line e-mail


What’s happening with interest rates currently?  The simple answer is “reasonably low” compared to 2007 and prior years, and “steady” but expected to start climbing next quarter, third quarter at the latest.  Am I an expert?  No, not on future interest rates, but I’m smart enough to know this is a great time to buy and lock in a current, favorable interest rate.  Also, be aware that under current IRS guidelines, the interest on most RV loans is tax deductible, a huge advantage, at least for now.  Want more information, call me to understand more about how the deduction works.

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